Central Wayne Arts Gathering

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February 2011 The Hard Times Woebegone String Band


February 2011 Another song from HTWSB


Visual Arts Coffeehouse

Why should the singer/songwriters and poets get all the attention at the coffeehouse? We are looking for painters, sculptors, photographers, artists of all media to come to our coffeehouse. We want you to display, discuss and share what it is and why you do it. We would like our coffeehouse to become a place where our visitors can experience the creative process, so we would love to find artists who would like to do mini-workshops. This concept is still in development so please email me if you have any interest  in participating or just getting more information. jkimcar@verizon.net

Thanks for you interest

Jeffrey Kimsey-Carroll

Playing with Light and Shadow

On Saturday night February 21st we played with photography and music to create this video. All images and sound were captured on Saturday evening during our creative activity time. The photos were enhanced and produced into a video by Jeffrey Kimsey-Carroll


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Our Video for February 2009